Welcome To Ellie

Hey!  ✨

I’m Ellie, a 14 year old blogger from Australia with a fashion, lifestyle and bubble bath obsession. Welcome to my cosy corner of the internet filled with aesthetic photography, creative ideas and what not! 💖 

I loooove to blog about everything I love – I’m not kidding when I say EVERYTHING! On my blog full of creativity, I love to write about:

  • Aesthetic Photography  📷
  • Bullet Journalling 📖
  • My Travels Around Australia 🌴
  • Fashion – OOTD / hauls 👗
  • LUSH! 💫
  • Books 📚
  • Giving You Advice and Ideas ✨
  • Random Rambles and Chats 💕

Also, just a little fun fact, I have coeliac disease which means that whenever I eat gluten, my bowel is damaged and I feel stupidly sick. No, I’m not contagious or a freak, aha! But is does mean that I have to be on a gluten free diet FOR LIFE! Yes, it does suck sometimes and I do miss out on a lot of delicious irresistible food but that’s ok. 😊 I sometimes talk a bit about this (and I plan to more) so if you know of anyone with a gluten allergy or even coeliac disease, let them know!

I hope to inspire and entertain you while you read my posts and discover something new and fun here on my blog!

Ellie xx 😘

Feel free now to have a little wander around and join the crew for countless fashion hauls, advice from me to you on any situation, photography tips and chats x