A Little Bit About Me

Hi everyone here on my blog,

I have decided to create a blog, Ellie. And on this blog it is all about ‘STAYING POSITIVE’. My Dad is always making sure that I stay positive and happy. Some of he things I have dedicated my blog to is:

LIFE – this category is all about the things I would like to talk to you about whether I need to get something out or just to let you know what has been happening lately. 😉

BEAUTY – I will be posting reveiws and tips. I am not a makeup expert but I do know a few things. I might also later on do some hair tutorialsif you would like! Also related in this category I will be doing some LUSH and Clothing hauls too.

PHOTOGRAPHY – There’s alot more to photography than you might think – waiting for the perfect lighting and choosing the right angle. I love taking photos. They are like little memories that you can look at over and over again.

FOOD – Mmm…on this category I will be posting a few yummy recipes sweet and savoury. I am on a Gluten Free Diet but don’t worry, you can even tell the difference.

DIY – I love little crafty things to either decorate your room with or just for fun. My Mum is an interior designer and she has designed my room perfectly. ( That also gives me an idea for a blog post!)

So those are just some of the things I like to blog about. I live in Australia and have only just new to wordpress. If you have any tips for me just let me know in the comments below. (That rhymes!) Hope you all have an idea of what I like to blog about.

Do you like the sound of my blog?

If so it would be lovely if you followed me.


Ellie x


Jedi Master Ellie loves reading your comments!

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