Your Starter Makeup Kit

Good Morning my friends,

Yes! Finally it is the weekend!! Ahhh. I love a good break (even though I still have to do my art project.) and relaxing. It’s a shame I have to go back to school tommorrow.

Anyway, you probably all came to read about some new makeup items I have bought!! Squeeee! I love doing a haul of any type wether it be clothes, makeup or just bits and bobs but that’s for another time. Lets get into it then!


So as you can see my featured image is my brushes and makeup bag.

This is my Sally Hansen makeup bag full with all of my makeup that I brought. It has 2 sections that close with a zip and a little magnetic buckle to keep it all together. I got this from pricline for free because there was a special deal.


I also have a little pot for my brushes. It has blue and yellow crossing over eachother and matches my room quite well. I bought this from Target for $8.

Now this leads us into brushes. I have 4 brushes so far…a flat kabuki, blush brush, eyeshadow brush and an eyeshadow blending brush. I bought the flat kabuki online for $1 or something, my thin lizzy blush brush was a gift from priceline and my e.l.f eyeshadow brushes were a birthday prezzie.


Okay, so now onto makeup.


I bought the BB cream because I don’t have a very spotty or patchy face so I wanted something light and breathable for my face. And I got that in light. Then I have my NUDE by Nature powder just to make my face a little less shiny and so it lasts longer.


Eyes are my favourite when it comes to makeup. They really brighten the whole look and make things pop! In priceline, there is a makeup brand that I really like and it is called ‘essence’. It is a brand that is made by maxfactor but their prices are really cheap.

I bought some clear mascara for my eyebrows because it’s nice to keep them in place if you get what I mean. I also bought some mascara and it is the Lash Princess also by essence. It really makes a false lash effect and it was only $5! Then I have some eyeliner, but I only use that for special occasions.

I like to go for my nudes with eyeshadow because I think that the other colours might clash with my blue greeny eyes. I bought the ‘all about NUDES’ palette which I am loving which is also by essence. The other eyeshadow palette that I have is actually another gift for my birthday. It is by e.l.f and on each little section it tells you where to put it which I think is great for beginners. It has a dark brown, beige, browny gold and a light brown. These are also great with my e.l.f eyeshadow brushes. Also speaking of eyeshadow I do have an eyeshadow primer also by e.l.f. It really helps the eyeshadow last longer and look it’s best.


Lips are also one of the key points on a face. I bought this lovely peachy pink matte lipstick in 007 by essence. It is great for summer and spring seasons and nights out. I then bought a lipgloss to go over the top of that if I didn’t want it to be matte.

And that was my big makeup haul!


Ellie x


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