Hi guys,

Today I thought I would just do a quick update about…well…everything! After my recent post I have made it to 20 followers! It may not seem like much, but to me anything is good! 😉 THANKYOU for your support and lovley comments! I appreciate every one of them and always learn something new, wether it be a tip, lovley message or just encouragement. 

Also, I am thinking about adding an art category that could share some tips, how to draw and just things I learn along the way. I have really been enjoying my recent art assignment and surprisingly, I am quite good. So I thought…why not share it with you guys? If you would like me to add an ART category please just let me know in the comments below! THANKS! 

THANKYOU again for 20 followers and I hope to do a proper blog post when I have finally fished this big art assignment. I might even show you some sneak peaks of it! 😝 

Okay I should probably stop now!


Ellie x


4 thoughts on “20 Followers! 

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