My Bedroom Decor

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would do a post on my bedroom decor as I have been meaning to do it. Although, I did have to wait for a nice sunny day (it’s winter) so the lighting would be on point! Anyway I should probably start talking a little bit about my bedroom look and style.

My mum is studying to be an interior designer so she designed my room but I did choose the colours and furniture. ☺️ I wanted a modern and refreshing style because I want to be able to walk into my room and think ‘ahhhh’. The aqua colour is called…I actually don’t really know…but the purple colour is called ‘Deep Delta’. It’s a really nice purple with a little hint of blue.

My room has a caved in window I suppose, and I didn’t want the whole room to be aqua so I wanted something a little more, POP! This makes my room something different and a bright feature wall but also quite relaxing and not so BAM!


My bed is a double with a white frame. I bought this from IKEA and it wasn’t too pricy at all! My sheets are currently fluffy aqua sheets that are warmer and more cosy. 💤😴😌 Although that doesn’t help with getting up early in the morning to catch the bus at 7:00am! 👍🏼😒


My quilt cover is this lovely calm, leafy and flowy cover with the colours that match my room perfectly. This is from adairs, which is a really cool quilt cover shop. If you would like to see their other amazing designs go here: Adairs

Above my bed, I have this trail of purple and blue butterflies that also compliment my quilt cover amazingly. I have had these up for a while though and I am thinking of putting some fairy lights up from Typo. Coincidently, I am happening to go to Marion on Tuesday with a friend and we are for sure going to Typo, (a stationary shop)! I do actually have a lot of vouchers to use so I may do a haul…


White Board

In my life, I am always writing down reminders, due dates and just little quotes that I need to remember, (I am very forgetful). And that is why a white board is so good to use. Not only does it remind you, it also looks great to! You can accessorise them to your style as well with magnets and photos.
Full Length Mirror

This year, I realised I can’t see my feet in my dresser’s mirror. So I bought a full length one. I always use this because, when you are trying to figure out an outfit, it is kinda essential to see what shoes match your outfit, am I right? I have this behind my door so it’s not amazingly visible. I think these mirrors look best on the back of your door, or behind it.


My dresser has a massive mirror! It’s almost too big. But, I do have a big bedroom so it is a good use of space. I have 2 cupboards on either sides but  we are changing it as draws are a lot easier to use and find things.


On the rim on my mirror, I have these cute little owl fairy lights. I mean, who doesn’t love fairy lights?


My desk is also from IKEA (gosh, I really love IKEA). It is really practical for doing homework and storing things I don’t want on display, like my…umm…other stationary. Honestly, I have toooooo much stationary. I will do a blog post showing you. Yes. Yes I will.



I have a calendar right next to my desk so I can plan everything in my week. Everyone needs a calendar. Mine is from Typo and it is very girly and modern. I also have a lot of little decorations on my desk as you can see.


This is my storage…desk. I have just recently (and by that I mean today) decorated it. I have this really cute light up E that was a gift for my birthday. I have just then also dotted some photo frames around the place with incredible photography images that, again, match my room!


And that is my bedroom.

I hope you all enjoyed my bedroom tour and I will post again tomorrow!


Ellie x



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