City Shopping and Winter Alpine Village

Hi everyone,

Today I went to the Adelaide City. I had a lot of vouchers to use from Birthdays and gifts I have been given from years ago. Although I did not get around to all of the shops that I wanted to go to, I think I did pretty well and also managed to save a little bit of money on my vouchers so I can then do another haul for you guys. 😉

This was some cool lights on a building! Kind of like vivid!

Kikki K – Stationary Shop

Kikki K is a Swedish stationary shop. I have never been there before so I was very excited! They honestly had the cutest stationary and I am guaranteed to go back there! They had just got their new ‘pause’ range in which is the black and aqua one. And they are my favourite colours (other than gold and pink)!

Lately, I have been a little bit disorganised with my school assignments (like staying up late to finish them on time) and so I wanted something for me to kinda… follow. So this To-Do list was perfect!

It had what you wanted to achieve and then at the bottom it says ‘priorities’ and ‘for later’ which I thought was perfect for me. I also bought a little pen to go with it. Their prices are more on the pricy side of things but not too bad as they are really good quality.

Kikki K To-Do list

Typo – Stationary Shop

This is absolutely my favourite stationary shop! They have some very cool and unique designs that make you want to buy the whole shop! Their prices vary from ‘CHEAP!’ to average. I shop here often whether it’s to buy new things for school or for decorating my room. It’s really good for anything really! 😉

Going along with the organised theme, I bought this notebook with cute little pockets to store all of my bits and pieces. The front cover was just amazing and also matched my room. This will be great for my next year in school. And I was surprised how cheap it was for such a big notebook! Only $10aud!!

I have had my eye on these fairy lights for a good 3 months now and since I have some vouchers I got them straight away! I’ll show you what they look like when they are actually up! 😉

Fairy Lights TypoSupre – Fashion Shop

I normally don’t go to supre because I don’t fit their sizes very well, not to say they have bad sizes I’m just very hard to find clothes for. 🙂 I do LOVE their accessories though!

So I came across this hairband that I thought was so cool. I had seen people wearing these a lot and I thought, ‘yeah..I could rock this.’ and so I bought it. This is great for keeping your hair out of your face throughout the whole day and still being able to look good!

Head Wrap

Priceline – Makeup Store

So Priceline is a makeup store…probably a bit like boots for those of you in the UK. And they have really good prices. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to rush what we wanted to get so I didn’t end up getting any liquid matte lipsticks! 😦 Nooo! Oh well, next time…maybe I could do a Priceline Haul…

So I have been wanting some new nail polish for quite a while now as it is Winter here and I wanted something to suit the season.So I went to the nail polish section and chose some colours.

The black nail polish is kinda essential when you have a nail polish collection (like me) but I obviously didn’t have any. I found this REVLON Top Speed nail polish in Black Magic.

Then I went to the Essence stall (you know how much I love Essence) and chose this dark purple colour. I also wanted a dark deep red but they were all out. The Essence purple nail polish is gel but I am not entirely sure what is the difference. If anyone does know, please let me know in the comments!

Nail Polish

I also got some new perfume to share with my Mum and we chose ‘VALENTIONO’. I’m not exactly sure what brand it is as I am new to it and Mum threw the packaging away…I think it’s Valentino? It is also a brand new release. It has a very sweet but fresh scent. It smells really good! I’m sorry I’m not that good at describing smells! 😉



So after we went to Priceline we went to the Alpine Village. It was just up for this Winter as a fun little event in Torrens Parade. There was an iceskating rink, food teepees, markets, bars, open fires, photo booths and even camel rides! Camels? In winter! There was soooo many decorations around like in the trees, in the ground on the tents, everywhere!

These were the fairy lights in the trees. Fairy lights are my favourite!

This was the food section. On the left, that was the bar and on the right was the food court. I didn’t find any food for me because I am gluten free. 😦

And this was the camel rides and photo booth. I didn’t end up going to the photo booth because the line up was massive! I thought the camel rides were hilarious!

So that was my BIG day out. I hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about me and I will be posting again tomorrow!


Ellie x









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