Two-Bit Villans

Hello everyone,

If you have read my previous post I talked about a new place I found where I can eat! Squeeeee!

It is called ‘Two-Bit Villans’ and is a vegan, mostly gluten free and dairy free. They are well known for their DELICIOUS Sodas. Me having coeliac disease is very hard to find places where I can eat out. So I was super lucky to have found this place. You can check out their website here if you are interested. I also just realised their webiste is a wordpress so go and follow them too! 🙂


They are on a little bit of the pricy side but I guess because they cater for gluten-free, dairy free and vegan. They do have gluten foods there but honestly, these days gluten free tastes like normal food. And their food was soooo good!


Two-Bit Villans serving sizes are massive but not too big (in a good way)! 😉 And since I was STARVING I almost ate the whole thing! I forgot to take a picture because I was SO HUNGRY! Hehe sorry guys! As you can see from my order, I ordered nachos! Yummy!


My Order:

  • Rasberry Spider
  • Nachos 

First I ordered an organic and healthy rasberry spider! Yummo! If you don’t know what a spider is (trust me I didn’t eat a real spider!) it is basically soft drink with icecream and the icecream fizzes up and bubbles! Just take a moment and imagine how this would’ve tasted. mmmmm…


I don’t normally get to have nachos unless it’s homemade (dad’s are terrible!). What he does is just literally puts the doritos on a metal tray, plops on the tomato mix, sprinkles on the cheese and then puts it in the oven! His curry is delicious though!

Anyway, it had:

  • spring onion
  • carrot
  • mushrooms,
  • peas and corn,
  • tomato mix thingy 🙂
  • sour cream
  • nacho chips (of course)

It was soooo good!

So if you have coeliac disease like me, this was a perfect and sucessful 100%vgluten free cafe! I didn’t get sick afterwards and felt much fuller. Is that a word?

THANKYOU for reading this and I hope I helped you. 🙂

Ellie x






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