Melbourne Photography 

Hey guys,

First off, I just wanted to let you know 2 exciting things. No, make that 3

  1. I am doing a BIG haul for you guys. They include things like fashion, beauty and jewellery.
  2. In October this year, I am going to Hamilton Island, Queensland!! OMG GUYS! I am going to do posts everyday and keep you guys posted on Instagram! ellie.blog342
  3. I am going to do a post about Jamberry TOMORROW. 

And secondly, I HAVE MISSED BLOGGING SOOOO MUCH! And I am finally back! Yay!

These are the photos I took while I was driving to Melbourne.

Aren’t they so beautiful! I love Melbourne. We took the Ocean Road route so while we were travelling, we got to stop at different places and have amazing views. The second image is an incredible image of Melbourne City from the Eureka Skydeck! (the tallest building in Melbourne!)

Ok sorry this was a short ish post but I thought you would all enjoy them! 


Ellie x


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