Haul – Beauty and Decor

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are having a great weekend and have had a fabulous day. Lately, I have been meaning to do a haul post for you and I have only just taken the pictures! I bought all of these things with my birthday money and vouchers and now I have nothing left. 😢 Oh well. ☺️ Ok so these are all the things I bought!


I bought these beauty products from Target and Kmart and I can not wait to use them! Let’s start off with the Mist

Caramel and Coconut Mist

This mist has a caramel and coconut scent and is really nice and sweet. I loooooove sweet scents although this one is not super sweet like my others. It has little speckles of gold glitter so that when you spray it on you, it leaves a nice little shimmer. The price for this mist was extremely cheap and especially for so much product.

Essence Stay All Day Concealer

I bought one of these from essence (you guys know how much I love essence) and I wanted to give it a try. I haven’t tried if it stays all day because I haven’t been used it yet! 😁 I got this in the shade light. It was a great price (as essence always is). 

Essence Liquid Lipstick

 Liquid lipsticks are the new thing at the moment so I wanted to buy one for myself and see what it is all about. I chose a coral pinky colour which I love at the moment and it goes really well with my blush. 

Zoella Winking Eye Makeup Bag

As I was leaving the shops I went past a stall called ‘Zoella’. It was really pretty. There was bath products, creams, makeup bags and perfume. I couldn’t resist getting this 3-D winking eye bag. It had my favourite colour and looked so cute. I really like the Zoella products and I will be going back to buy more! 

Jamberry Nails

So in one of my privious posts I blogged about Jamberry. If you don’t have a clue about f what Jamberry nails are then you can check out my last post (if you would like), telling you about what they are, how to apply them and where you can get them. 

Anyway, I recently bought a mini heater which is way easier to use than a hair dryer or toaster. I also bought two new nail wraps. I originally had the Oh Deer one which is soo cute. So I dicided to buy 2 more at my friends nail party. I bought Peaches and Cream and Free Spirit. They are both really simple and casual designs which are great and they will match anything I wear.


I went to typo and decided to spend the last of my vouchers. 😭 I did spend it well though! ☺️ I wanted to have a magazine/book holder and this fitted perfectly with my room. I have also seen these on Pinterest and just on Instagram and I have wanted this for a while. It is a copper/rose gold colour and is really strong.

And lastly, I finally bought the 8th Harry Potter book. I am still confused if it is actually writing by J.K Rowling or if it is just her ideas. Let me know if you do know and that would be great! Thanks!  It was really good but kinda confusing as well. It is in a script version but I didn’t really mind. I wished I was in London to watch the play! 😢😉 I definitely recommend it to you if you are a Harry Potter fan or love adventure and mystery.

I am also doing another haul related to this one next week or sometime during this week so remember to follow me to get a notification ( if you want to). ☺️

ThankYOU for reading my blog post and feel free to have a look at what else I do! 😉 

Ellie xo


Jedi Master Ellie loves reading your comments!

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