Display Homes and Gluten Free Bakery

Hello everybodyyyy,

Today I thought I would share with you today my day out. My family and I went out to have a look at some display homes. My mum is currently studying to be an interior designer and she likes to look at different homes and get some ideas for our house. She designed my bedrooom and it’s my favourite room. You can see it here: MY BEDROOM.

Anyway, I should probably show you what amazing homes we saw and the yummy food! First we went to a bakery that had gluten free options! Yay! I am noticing much more gluten free places and it is getting bigger and more popular. In Melbourne, there was gluten free placed everywhere we went! It was so good.

Gluten Free Bakery

We went to the bakery first to get some lunch because everyone was STARVING!

What I ordered:

  • Gluten Free Beef Pie
  • Gluten Free Orange and Chocolate Swirl Cake

I know, beef pie seems pretty basic but I really felt like one on a cold winter’s day! They even cooked it in a separate microwave and made sure it wasn’t contaminated (with gluten). As for dessert, they had so many delicious options but I chose an orange and chocolate swirl cake. It was so yummy and moist.

I kinda forgot to take a photo before I stabbed it with my fork. That’s why it is cracked in the middle! Whoops!

Display Homes

We the drove to the display homes to look at 4 townhouses. They were all soooo amazing and were decorated nicely.

House 1

This was the smallest house but it was probably my second favourite. I just absolutely love the kitchen and living area. It was a little bit low on decoration but I think they ran out of money! 

House 2

I thought this house exterior design was very cool. You probably see most houses white or grey on the outside so I liked that this one had a little pop of colour. 

The interior of this house was nice, but not my favourite. It was kind of boring. I did like the dresser to the right though. I had a lot of neutral colours and not much colou. I think it would’ve been much more interesting with maybe some lie and yellow.

House 3

This third house was very geometric as you can see from the picture below. I did like the exterior of this house but it wasn’t my style. I like more of a modern and warm look.

But when I came inside through to the living area and kitchen I liked it a lot. I love the colours and how there is so much plants just dotted around the room. And also, how cool are the black and white chevron chairs? I need those in my house!

House 4

I do like this house…apart from the red wood pillars. Umm…yeah. I don’t have much more to say about the exterior! Sorry!

Inside, it features the colour red. I don’t really like the colour red because it is a very angry colour. I understand that other people like it and I don’t mind, I just prefer a cooler colour.

Out Door Area and Extras

 I wanted to take a photo of this because it looks really cool and I am planning to have this put on my display shelf. My friend has about three of these hanging from her roof! I know cool right?!

I just had to take a photo of this lovley outdoor area. I just love those feather pillows on those woven chairs. I would love some chairs like this in my outdoor area.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day and I hope you learnt something new about interior design.

ThankYOU so much for coming across my blog! I hope you enjoyed it.

Feel free to have a look at some other posts, I post about photography, beauty, food and loads more random things!

Ok, byeeee

Ellie xo


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