National Park Photography 

Hello everyone!

Today it is SUNDAY! ☀️ And it was actually sunny today! Yay! Spring is coming…I hate winter (apart from the marshmallow bonfires!) 🔥 It’s kinda almost October, how did I miss all of those days?? I’m excited for Halloween and our family holiday to Hamiltion Island, QLD! 🌴 About my holiday, I am going to post everyday for the time I will be there! So enjoy that! 

Let me explain a little more deeply about where I took these photos. We went out on a family picnic to a National Park so we could try the gluten free food at the opening day because it was the park’s 100th Anniversary! (I did a separate post on the gluten free stuff here). At National Parks there are so many amazing flowers and old trees so I couldn’t resist taking 103 photos! Enough talking, you probably want to see the real stuff. 

So first we just walked around and had a look around which gave me a chance to take some cool photos and let Daisy (our puppy) run around. 🐶 I just took some photos of the trees and playground things.

I was walking Daisy when I saw these yellow flowers (I don’t know what they are I just think the are weeds!) with bees hovering around. So I was brave enough to get right up close to them and take some micro photography. 

My two brothers wanted to go and see the Government House so we all went and had a look around. We had to walk up a really steep hill (not, I just had sore legs from volleyball) and while we were walking, there were heaps of amazing flowers everywhere!

We finally got to the Government House which was used as a ‘holiday house’ for the members of the Government. There was a little café and lost of pretty plants and historical buildings.

These were the different types of daises and little flowers in the Government House that I thought were so cute!

So those were the photos I took! I’m not a professional photographer, I just do it for fun and enjoyment. If you do happen to be a photographer or have any tips, I would love to hear about them in the comments! Also, please comment down below your favourite photo! Mine is definitely the big purple flower and the white flowers in pic 3.🌸🌺

ThankYOU for coming across my blog! If you are new, I hope you enjoy it and my other posts too!

Have a lovely day, byeeee

Ellie xo


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