My Hair Care Routine

Hello everyone,

Some of you may notice that I didn’t post on the weekends. I was really busy but have come up with some new blog posts (including a clothes haul) that I can do so I have made up for it. For those of you that are new to my blog, HI! I normally post on weekends and sometimes during the week.

Anyway, I have been wanting to do this post for a while now but haven’t had any chance to take some good photos and I can’t do a post with out photos! I love them. I have a photography category for a reason! ☺️ Today we finally had some good weather so I got all of my products and took photos of them. 

My Hair Type

My hair is brown, wavy, curly and VERY thick. I have so much hair that even my mum struggles to braid my hair! It isn’t puffy unless I brush and brush it or blow dry it like crazy! If it does happen to be puffy, I just water it down. I let my hair air dry without brushing it, (don’t every brush your hair when it is wet because it can break your hair) it takes 2-3 hours and dries in loose and tight ringlets. 
Sometimes depending on how I am feeling I will either blow dry it straight-ish, brush them out or just leave them. I am currently trying to grow my layers out because with curly hair, they just stick out and so my hair dresser told me to grow them out and so far so good! 

Product Reviews

Before I explain how I wash my hair, I might want to tell you a little bit about the products I use. I like to use a variety of shampoos and conditioners just because I like to mix things up, otherwise my hair will get used to the same product.


At the moment, I have 2 shampoos that I like to go between and they are the ‘juuce Argan Soft’ and the ‘Garnier Fructis Oily Roots and Dry Ends’ shampoos. 

I prefer the Garnier shampoo over the juuce one, mainly because it suits my hair type perfectly. It smells really fresh and fruity and gets rid of all my dandruff and hydrates my dry ends. This shampoo doesn’t also leave your hair feeling…(I really know the word)…squeaky clean like other shampoos. It makes it feels nice an smoothe. Do you get me? The Argan Soft shampoo is good, but not amazing. I think my mum likes it though! It does kind of have that squeaky clean feel to it but I do like the conditioner.


Also right now, I am loving the ‘Palmolive Intensive Moisture’and the ‘juuce Argan Soft’Conditioners. I bought the Palmolive Conditioner for $3! Bargain! And for so little it is my absolute favourite. Next time I am buying a massive pump of it as well as the shampoo! It is made with Coco Cream and Pure Milk Protein (so says the bottle). I think my hair really likes those two ingredients! My dry ends are feeling heaps better! 

The Argan Soft Conditioner is also great for making my hair feel nice and soffffft. It is probably my third favourite conditioner. Argan Oil is really good for curly hair or even just people with extremely dry hair. My hairdresser reccommended it to my mum because she has really curly hair too. Much more curly than mine! 

Hair Products?

I actually don’t have any products that I use in my hair. I just use water and conditioner, to make my own spray! 

How I Wash My Hair

So first I will get my hair nice and wet, making sure that it is all wet and then I use the ‘juuce Argan Soft Shampoo’. I massage this all through my scalp. I like to add a bit of water to this shampoo and then rub it together to make really foamy bubbles. I just find that it goes a longer way and it’s easier to get straight to my scalp. I have lots of dandruff so I spend a lot of my time just rubbing it all in my scalp. I sometimes even put it just on the rest of my hair just to get the dirtiness out of my hair.
After I have washed out my foamy shampoo, I will either use the ‘Palmolive Intensive Moisture Conditioner’ or the ‘Garnier Fructis Oily Roots and Dry Ends Conditioner’. I will first use a medium sized amount to go at the roots and the middle of my hair. I leave it in my hair  – not washing it out – while I use some more on the ends of my hair. I then wash myself with some body wash and then wash out the conditioner. I do this just to make sure it really gets into my hair. 

Just before I get out of the shower to wash my hair, I like to just put a little more conditioner on the ends of my hair since I have dry ends.

I try to get as much water out of my hair as possible so that it won’t take 2-3 hours! I usually let my hair air dry. This way, my hair doesn’t puff up, get dry-er ends and get impossible to brush. If I am in a rush though, I will blow dry it with a diffuser. Sometimes if I feel like it, I will blow dry my hair straight using the diffuser. 

When my hair is completely dry, I will either put it in a loose pony or a low plait. And this is the result!

ThankYOU for reading my Hair Care Routine! I hoped it helped anyone with curly or thick hair like mine.

 If you have any questions about how I do my hair or if you would like me to do another post, just let me know in the comments. 


Ellie xo


Jedi Master Ellie loves reading your comments!

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