How I Edit My Photos

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog!

I am finally on holidays!! Yayayaya! I have finished Term 3 and I am in luxury! Ahhhh. Not to mention we are going to Hamilton Island in 7 days! I am using a lot of exclamation marks… I’m not sure how I will blog while I’m on holiday though. I think I will take heaps of photos and then do a post for each day. I will be posting pictures on my Instagram (ellie.blog342) just to keep you updated.

Ok, enough chit chat. You probably just clicked on this post to see how I edit my photos whether you are new or a follower. If you are new, HEY! How are you doing?! And I hope you enjoy this post.

So today, is a beautiful day and I thought I would share with you how I edit my photos. Not from Instagram but with all these cool little apps. If you are interested or new to photography or just want to know how to make your photos look amazing, this is for you.

Apps I Use

I use 4 apps altogether but only use 2-3 of them for each picture.

As you can see below, the 4 apps I use are VSCO, Aviary, Layout and Color Story. But I only really use Aviary and Layout and sometimes Color Story (but you have to pay for packs 😢).



This app is by far my favourite. It does everything you could possibly want to edit your photos. It has lots of little tools that you can use to make your final picture look flawless.

So first, I get my picture that I just took and click on enhance. I just then figure out what looks best and clear and then go with it. I then might crop the picture a bit and then move on to adjust. This is where you can personalise your photo. I haven’t really figured out how I like my pictures I just go for the most vibrant and clear filters or adjustments.

If I am doing a black and white photo and want a bit of colour, then I will find the little tool  called splash and colour in the sections that I want to have colour. So it would look like this;


This app you can also decorate it with fun stickers and decorations if you are going for more of a funny look.


On my blog here I like to do a lot of  collages so layout is a great app for me as well as pic collage.  I mainly use layout though because pic collage has a watermark.  I like using collages because you can have lots of little photos to make one big picture around the same topic. Pic collage is good because it can have stickers and different text fonts which make it look fun exciting, while layout is more  for a simple and pretty. If you check out some of my other posts,  you can see how are use a lot of them there.

This is originally and Instagram app so it is fitted for the Instagram size photos but you can still use it for anything else. You can lay out your pictures in different ways and just let as many photos as you want.

Colour Story

Colour story is for making your pictures look pretty and amazing. The only bad thing is you only get given 2 packs of each little section so you have to buy more.  If you see my bath Instagram post (ellie.blog342)  you will see that are used the sun Ray from colour story and it looks really cool. Colour story also comes with lots of different filters and you can adjust the picture. This app to make your pictures look really lively and colourful. I recommend checking out the Instagram and you can see what they do.


Is not my favourite app because you basically just paste the edits from the previous picture onto your new picture to make it look like the same theme.  You can edit it but it’s not my favourite app to use it in because there are so many tools, colour story end  Aviary are the best.

Here is a little demo picture that I would edit and show you the before and after result.




First, I went onto aviary and selected the food filter. Then I adjusted the brightness a little higher and put the contrast up a bit. Then it selected tint and added a bit of purple to the picture. I then went onto Colour Story and put on the Ice Ice filter. I looked to see if I liked any thing else but it wasn’t needed. And the final result was this! I really like this and I will post it on Instagram for you all to have a closer look. 

I hope you discovered some new apps to edit your photos and learnt something new about editing photos.

ThankYOU for coming across my blog, if you like the sound of it feel free to have a look at the other things I write about and I would really appreciate it if you could follow me! ☺️

Have a nice day, byeeeeeeee

Ellie xo


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