Hamilton Island – Day 2

Hi guys! 

You do not know how excited I am to blog today! Ahhh…I’ve missed it so much over the weekend. I’ve been really busy with a big assignment which I will DEFINITELY be sharing all about with you because I think you will love it just as much as I do. 

So today I am back with another Hamilton Island post. I hope you do all enjoy these posts please let me know in the comments if you want me to mix it up a bit or to continue with these posts. I will be doing a halloweeny type post closer to Halloween though! 


We woke up still not believing how lucky we were to be here. We always ate outside (of course!) because it’s always so warm outside even at 10:00pm at night! I had my breakfast enjoying the view which I still couldn’t believe. It literally looked as if it was painted on a big screen far away. We also always got the occasional cocky come and sit on our balcony. Once it even came and just pooped on out balcony and then just flew away. 😂💩

While eating breakfast, my two brothers had apparently seen a peacock below us. And yep, there it was. How pretty! Unfortunately, it didn’t have it feathers up. But you could still see them well.

We headed down to the main pool which is pretty cool. It has a pool bar, water polo and lots of little islands and bridges. I took a really cool picture that you can see on my Instagram. Feel free to head over and just have a look and see what I am up to.

Before we went away, we bought snorkelling gear so we could snorkel at the amazing beaches! Mum and I decided to go for a snorkel as we had felt the temperature of the water in day 1 and it was like a spa! No joke! It was a perfect day for snorkelling so we decided to go.

 I am SO scared of deep water. 3M is my max and even that that scares me. So we went out quite shallow…about 1m. Yeah. We saw some little neon fish, a couple of big ones and a few big holes which scared me a bit. We were going to head back when Mum spotted a massive turtle! It was just happily eating the sea grass. It was so rare to see one of these so shallow in the water. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my underwater camera so I didn’t get a photo. 😭😢

We went back to the pool for lunch and a snack from the pool bar. I ordered a pink colada mocktail and some smiths original chips. 

We headed back to our apartment to get ready to see the sunset at One Tree Hill which apparently has the best sunsets. We drove up the steep hill on our buggy 😂 and finally arrived at our destination. It was so amazing! It had a bar look out too which was so awesome! 

We went home and had some dinner and went to sleep soon after.
ThankYOU for coming across my blog and I hope you are enjoying my little holiday series. Feel free to have a look at my other posts and I hope to be blogging again on Saturday!

Have a wonderfully spectacular awesome day, byeeeeeee!

Ellie xo


Jedi Master Ellie loves reading your comments!

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