Johnny’s Caramel Popcorn Trouble – Funny Story! πŸ˜‚

Hello everyone, 

I’m back! Yayayay! (That’s how excited I am at the mo!) How did Halloween go? I know it seems long ago but I haven’t asked yet. Hope you got lots of lollies and had fun with your friends. πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ 

Anyway, I thought I might share with you a funny story that happened quite a while ago but it’s just so funny I need to tell you! 

So on a Friday night, me and a couple of my friends went to this sleepover/movie marathon night at the church. So we all brang food and lollies to eat during the movie. Now, when we got there, we had to give them in to share them with everyone! I mean, we payed for the food and had to share it with other people who we didn’t even know and put it in a big bowl to pass around. Some of my friends even used their own money to buy yummy food. 

So I have this one very adventurous friend called “Gertrude” (that’s not her real name!) and she was not happy about this because she had bought her favourite expensive snack. I have my own food because I am gluten free so I always bring a food bag, and that bag was in the kitchen, so Gertrude came up with a plan…she walked into the kitchen and tried to ‘casually’ take my food bag. Of course she was caught out but she covered saying “Oh, umm…I was just getting my friends gluten free food. And we have just realised that this food (points to her food) is actually hers.” She got away with stashing it in my food bag! πŸ˜‚ Then we played card games and other fun games until it was dinner. We had pizza and then icecream for dessert. Yummy! 

It was time to make our beds which were 2 pews up against each other. Surprisingly it was very comfy. Now was time to get our snacks…

Gertrude ran into the kitchen and said “We are just getting her gluten free food!” She took her johnny’s popcorn and I took a few lollies. Before we started the movie marathon, we had a serious talk. Apparently, they had seen some people (meaning us)  “smuggle” the food (even though I am allowed to take my own food). We finally started the movies. 

We had to carefully take out Gertrude’s johnny popcorn and eat it under the covers because we didn’t want anyone to see because then we would get told off and worst of all share it! The snack bowl with all of my friends food in it (except Gertrude’s) was passed around. Apparently other people had had about 20 things from the bowl and we got one. At about 11:00pm, one of my friends had said “Why is there popcorn all under your bed?” We looked down and saw the whole floor covered in Gertrude’s Johnny’s popcorn! Noooo! We cracked up laughing and then realised what we had done. We went into worry mode. 

We came up with another plan. Gertrude stuck her hand down the middle of the two pews and started to eat the now stale and very sticky popcorn one by one. They started to disappear, thanks to Gertrude and her stomach.πŸ˜‚

We decided to leave it until the morning (well, it already was)…..πŸŒŒπŸŒ…

As soon as we woke up, Gertrude crawled under the “beds” and ate the remaining soggy popcorn. I wish I could’ve helped but I couldn’t. “We”got most of it but there was still a few crumbs. We moved the beds back and ate breakfast which was pancakes! Mm mmmmm! Just before we left, my friend managed to spill her iced coffee on the couch! Hahaha! She ended up with a wet bum and no coffee left. 

We went home feeling exhausted and sleepy. Seeing as we only got a few hours sleep!
And zat was ze verrrry funny and cheeky story. 

ThankYOU for reading my post! 

I hoped you all enjoyed reading my funny story and if you have had any stories like mine I would love to hear all about them in the comments! I can’t wait! 

Please give this post a like if you would like to hear some more funny stories from me! 

Have a fun day! Byeeeeee

Ellie xo


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