Rocky Road Icecream 

Hello everyone, 

I’m back again! I posted yesterday about my gluten free gingerbread truffles and you all seemed to like them! So today I wanted to share another Christmassy Recipe…ROCKY ROAD ICECREAM! It’s not really Christmassy but we made it for Christmas so…why not?!

You might need…

– icecream (lots of it) 

– marshmallows (these are so good!!!)

– lollies (preferably jubes because hard lollies become harder)

– chocolates 

– candy canes to make it extra festive! (sprinkle on top)


For this, I used a thermo mix but you can use a mixer or even just your own hands. 

First, chop up all the chocolates, lollies, marshmallows and crush the candy cane. 

Then add the icecream into your mixer and mix until it becomes a bit softer and easier to work with. 

Add the lollies a bit at a time and mix it through the icecream well.

Then just put the icecream into a bowl and freeze back to normal icecream because by now, I’m pretty sure it will be melted…almost.

Serve whenever! 
Yep! It’s soooo quick and easy and it tastes as if you spend a long time perfecting each dose when really, you’ve just chucked everything in a mixer and mixed it up!!

I hope you enjoyed discovering a new recipe and that you can try it for yourself. I would love to see them so just tag me in one of your photos. (Ellie342)

ThankYOU for reading my post and I hope that you have a lovley day with lots of fun!

Goodnight or good morning, byeeeeeee

Ellie xo


Jedi Master Ellie loves reading your comments!

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