Christmas Decor – The Perfect Solution For Odd Socks!

Hi guys,

Hello! I am back! It’s only 5 more sleeps until Christmas?! Can you believe it?? This year has gone super fast without me even noticing.

Because it is that festive time of the year, you might want to decorate your house a bit and make it feel even more cosy. It’s always a bonus when you dont have to spend any money and you can just do it all yourself. I think it makes it more fun to do too. Lets get straight into it…

DIY Sock Snowman

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it looked soooo cute and super easy. And I can guarantee you will have all the items you need.

You will need:

  • old pair of white and black socks
  • rice
  • scissors
  • rubber band (or if you dont have any a hair tye)
  • sharpie or permanent pen

So first you will need to get your sock and fill it with rice until it is about the size you want your snowman to be. I made mine a medium size which is perfect for just putting anywhere.

Next, secure the top off with an elastic band and snip off the remaining piece of sock. Keep this leftover piece.

Then you want to make the head. So what you need to do is get your rubber band ready and grab a section of the snowman and tie it off (sorry i didn’t explain that well!).

Now you have the head of the snowman, you can make a little hat for him. This way it will hide the cut off bit and make it even cuter. With the left over piece of sock, roll the end up and then pop it on your snowman. You might need to do a bit of fiddling around with this part.

You can also then make a little scarf for him and this will hide the rubber band in the middle which separates the head from the body. I used an old fluffy hair tye and just put it around his neck. If you dont have this, snip off a little bit of the black sock and put it around his neck.

Finally, now all you need to do is draw on a face and some details. I drew a little cute smiley face and some buttons, but you can do whatever you wish.

And that is your cute rice sock snowman! Perfect for all of those odd socks! You can even make a little sock snowman family if you wanted too!

ThankYOU for reading my post and if you are new I hope you like the sound of my blog (even if you cant hear it!). hehe! 

Feel free to have a wonder around on my blog and have a look at my previous posts if you want! 

I hope you have a awesome day! Love you all, byeeeeeeeee

Ellie xo

Oh yeah, just wanted to add these.

I just hung some baubles on my fairy lights to make them look pretty.

Ok for real this time,




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