Hey guys,

it’s getting soooooo close to Christmas I am so excited! How about you? Tomorrow will be Christmas believe it or not! YAYAYAYAY! Anyway…

A couple of nights ago my family and I went to go and have a look at the Brewery Lights. We had gone when i was very little and since thgen everything has been upgraded massively! Here are a few photos I took of these beautiful lights.n


This is the whole look at the Brewery Lights. It’s near a river as you can see and there is a whale in it. A couple of months ago, Adeliade had really bad flooding so he washed away. Thankfully, they got him back. The water would’ve been up to where the rocks are!

The top picture had volcan in it. It’s this man in a volcano and ocassionally he will hit a rock with his hammer and an explosion in the volcano will go off. There is lava lights, sound and smoke for effect. This one was my favourite when I was little and since then it has been upgraded heaps. It used to be a lighter brown and the details weren’t as good.

The middle picture is the main part of the Brewery Lights. It has a Ferris wheel and lots of elfs and other toys.

I like to sometimes take blurry pictures, especially lights. It just makes it look really cool and you can only see the blur of lights. You will see more of these pics in my Lobethal Lights Post.

These are my favourite pictures, the Ferris wheel shots. As I was taking some pictures, I noticed a cool reflection in the water and I knew it would make a great shot. The clouds were also amazing so that added to the effect. I also did a blurry shot. It looks amazing on the ferris wheel.

And these are all the toys and Santa! They all moved By the way! Everything was ALIVE! Not really but you get what I mean! They were all really cute.

Here is funny picture I took of one of these lights. 

And here is a pic of me looking at the lights. Yes, there is finally a picture of me (even though you can’t see my face) and there will be more coming soon….

And that was the Brewery Lights. It would be great if you live somewhere near Adeliade (or you can fly to Australia just to come and see it) and you went and saw these lights with your family and friends. There was also a little fairground there too so you can go on some rides and play some games!

I hope you enjoyed having a look at some Christmas lights. They are honestly amazing and so pretty. 

If you are new, I hope you like the sound of my blog and feel free to have a look at some other Christmassy Posts! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ellie xo


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