HAPY NEW YEAR!! Resolutions and what I did.

Hey everyone! Long time no blog!
Happy (belated) New Year!! It feels as if everything is happening so quickly. First it’s Christmas (yayayayayaya) and them like 2 days later, it’s New Years Eve…and THEN it’s 2017!!!! Whaaaaaa???? Slow down mate! 

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and to thank every single one of you who follows or reads my blog. It makes me feel happy that just even 60 of you read my blog! 😝😝 I am very grateful! 
Anyway, enough chit chat…now onto the real deal! 

Right now, I am in our car driving to Clare Valley! We are going on a holiday with 4 other families for 6 nights! Exciting!! I might be doing a few sneaky posts if your lucky! 
Here’s what I did for New Years! Enjoy! 
At 6pm, we went to our friends house like every year because they live near the beach and have a massive pool. There are also 4 other families who we all know come too. We swim for ages in their 2m deeps pool and then when it’s time, we walk to the beach for the fireworks. They were so amazing. I didn’t take any photos because I wanted to watch it through my EYES!!👀 Not my SCREEN!! 📱😡 
We had glow sticks and played on the beach. Then we walked back home through a nearby graveyard. 👻👻 We do this because MONDA comes out. It’s a game we play with one of the adults…😂! 

When we arrive home, we continue to binge on lollies and sweets and swim until very late at night. That’s what’s awesome about Australia, you can stay up late and it will still be warm outside! Bonus! Then we count down until 12am! We light sparklers and take photos like craaazzzy! The kids get ready for bed while the adults stay up late and play inappropriate games! LOL! 

All of the 4 families slept over! Yep, even the adults. I went to bed at about 2:30am! Whoops! My friend and I stayed up laughing, chatting and pulling pranks on the people who are trying to get to sleep! Hehe! Naughty me!

The next morning when we all wake up, we have a massive cook up! Hash browns, mushrooms, bacon, tomato and sausages are cooked for everyone! Yummy!!!! Then we swim in the pool for ages. 
Then we might play a few games and fun activities that all get us into a very competitive headspace. 

Soon before we know it, it’s lunch and we do a………MACCAS RUN! I can only have fries and a slushy because everything else is WHEAT! By the way, I am intolerant to gluten. 😭 Then we might have a quick swim and then it’s time to go home. 😮😔
So that was my New Years Day! Now onto my resolutions….

– Meet some new friends – I am going to a completely different massive school this year. I am so excited because there will be sooooo more many people and that will give me a new opportunity to make friends. Yayayayayaya! 
–  Learn more VOLLEYBALL Skills – I am already working on these currently and I am learning heaps! There was a volleyball program in this new school and I sadly didn’t get in…but that doesn’t bother me because I can still learn so much through club and my coach. 

– Get into the VOLLEYBALL Program? – This one is a bit risky but I’ll still put it as a resolution. I really want to get in and mid of the year there is some trials so I might be able to get in through there….

– Excel in my Bloggging – I really want to improve in my blogging wether it be writing better, getting some new readers or even just uploading more. 

– Manage School Work Better – I really want to have my school work all sorted out and then just have it finished like a week before its due. How great would that feel?! 

So that was my 2016 and now 2017 year. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you get some inspiration somewhere through this post. 

ThankYOU for reading my post and coming across my blog. I hope you like the sound of it! 

Let me know in the comments what you did for New Years and what your resolutions are. 

Have a lovely day! Byeeeeeeee
Ellie xo



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