A Day at Glenelg

Hey guys! 

I just got back from my holiday in Clare Valley yesterday. We had 6 nights of fun filled with face painting, swimming, bouncy pillows and travelling around. Even though I miss Clare so much, I am glad to be back blogging and just being homeee. 🙂 Ahhhh relaxing. 

Anyway, today I am going to share some photos I took in Glenelg. Some shots of the beach, buildings and other cool things.  I loooove Glenelg sooo much, so much actually that I would like to live there someday. There is a nearby beach, lots of pine trees and a big place for shopping! If you aren’t familiar with Australia, here are some photos to show you that we aren’t all living in a desert. 😉 hehe

This is the fun side of Glenelg. There has recently been a new park with trampolines in the ground, a nature play area and a cool playground. The slide is the best. It drops straight down and its sooooo fast. There is also the beach house with water slides, dodgem cars, boats, games and lots of fun. If you ever come to Glenelg, go to the beach house for a bit of fun! 

This is the town square of Glenelg, right near the beach and very open. There are lots of old pretty buildings that are very picturesque but also look stylish with the rest of Glenelg. 

This is Glenelg beach. On a very warm day it is beautiful but on a cold cloudy day, it can be very windy and chilly. Glenelg beach has some good waves too. 

There is this really cute red heart sculpture near the beach and it makes a really cool photo. I love it. Me and my friend had a photo in this heart. 

For lunch, we went to Gloria jeans for a drink and Coles for a snack. Yes, I know…Coles. But it’s hard being gluten free! There was this tree in the middle of the food court and I though it looked really pretty. 

You know how I said there are lots of pine trees in Glenelg, well here’s a pic for you! i actually didn’t add any light streaks I just enhanced this one. The blue and sun streaks look cool right? 

So this is just a snapshot of Glenelg and there is plenty more to see. I hope you like the look of Glenelg, I know I do! 

ThankYOU for reading my post! I really appreciate it! Also ThankYOU For 60 Wordpress followers! It means a lot to me! I didn’t think I would get to 60! I was just hoping for a couple of people to read a post every now and then!

Have any of you been to Australia? 

Hope you had a lovely day, byeeeeeee

Ellie xo


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