How to Make a Ultimate DIY Veggie Garden! 

Helloooooooooo everyone!

How is everyone going? I feel like I haven’t blogged to you for a while…ANYWAY! Today I thought I would talk about a recent project I had been working on a lot! As you can already probably tell from the title, it is a DIY Veggie Garden. This is super easy to set up in your backyard and it is so fun to do. These are     Simple steps to making your very own vegie garden.

Growing your own veggies is so much better then buying them from the supermarket. They are all saturated in chemicals to make them look and preserve better. They aren’t naturally grown too, they are given chemicals to make them grow faster and for them to be bigger. And while they are growing they are sprayed in pesticides to kill the bugs and believe it or not, pesticides can cause CANCER!!!! Dun dun duuuuuuuuun! They are also more costly. You can buy a cucumber plant for 50c each that will produce 6-10 massive cucumbers! Forget about expensive fruit and veggies! Ok, ok…I’ll stop now. AND they taste sooo much better! More flavour, colour – Alright, alright, I’ll stop NOW.

To Make the ULTIMATE Veggie Gerden, you will need…

  • Some gardening boxes 
  • Some yummy nutritious dirt (no, not for you, the plants!)
  • A spade 
  • Black Plastic
  • Wire (my dog likes to dig…)
  • Oh yeah, and the plants. 

Step Numero Uno – Make the Boxes

I bought my boxes from Bunnings but I’m not sure if you have a Bunnings but I’m sure you can find them at any warehouse. It came with the screws so all I had to do was align the wood pieces and screw in the screws. Also, when you are looking for boxes make sure they have no bad chemicals on them and that they are local. 

Step Numero Dos – Setting up

When you set up the boxes, it isn’t always straight forward. To make sure no weeds get into your boxes, you need to line them with black plastic. It’s easy. Just cut it to size (not exactly) and them put it in the base of the box. 

Then put in the dirt. Put in a bit extra because when you water your plants the water will compress the dirt. 

Step Numero Tres (why am I speaking in Spanish?!) – Plant

Now is the fun! When you have all your plants and have named them all (don’t do that), you can give them a nicer home than a plastic carton. Squeeze the plant box gently to loosen the plant and then tip it into your hand. Put your fingers in the middle of the plant so you don’t crush it (you wouldn’t want to hurt poor Cedric!) 

Dig a little hole in the soil and them place your plant in. Cover it back up with the excess dirt and make sure that it is really compressed and stable. 

Step Numero Quatro – Water

Always to remember to water your plants so that they can grow strong and produce delicious perfect fruit and vegetables. They grow up so fast 😪. 

Step Numero Sinco – Straw

To make your plants more hydrated and moist, lay out some sugar cane. Just lightly around the plants. 

AND YOUR DONE! This is so fun to make and 100% worth it! The food tastes in-credible! Get of this post right now and do it!! (Actually, just read until the end)! Please excuse my camp half blood shirt….





ThankYOU so much for reading my post! I looooooove you whoever you are! Comment if you read this! (And I’m not doing that to get more comments! I just wanna see!)

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Have a lovely day, byeeeeeeeeeee! 

Ellie xo


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