New School Stationary

Hi guys,

Today is the first week of school for us here is Australia and since it is the star of a new year, new year = new stationary!! When do you start school? I would love to know. I loooove stationary and keeping organised. I already have enough erasers and pens as it is! Anyway…you probably want to see what I bought. Here it is! 

I got mostly new stationary like pencil cases, books, iPad, bag and just notepads and things to help me stay organised!

Pencil Cases

I bought mine from typo when they had 20% off and sales because, who wants to pay full price?! I chose them so they complimented each other and looked pretty. I have one for art (the small one) and one for general use (the big one).  The small one says Babe, you are solid gold, which I think is funny! I already had pens, pencils and things like that from past school years and presents. I am very…shall we say, savourish. I like to save things, food, stationary and money. Sometimes I forget to use things….


I was just at Typo when I spotted some cool text books. They are already printed with a pattern on them and it was only $10 for 5 books! Which means it was probably cheaper instead of buying loads of contact and book covers. On pack is just typical typo style and then I bought a Star Wars Pack! GOOOOOO STARWARS!!! Who loves starwars? Would love to chat with you about it! 

Organise Yourself Stationary

I bought these organisy pads and books from typo but mostly Kikki K. (I get a lot of things from there so if I post something on Insta of stationary…its probs from typo or kikki k!) I want to get more on top of my work and my social life too so these are perfect. There is a book that says Ideas Dreams and Plans which is perfect for me! Then I have a to-do list which you might’ve seen from my city shopping post. I use this especially when I have an overload of school assignments and what are my priorities and things to do later. I sometimes get a bit distracted…I also got a study notes pad which is more for assignments and perfect for high school. The other things I got were just bits and bobs. 

Desk Layout

This is just how I set out my desk. Don’t be fooled of how tidy it is! After I took the photos I just piled all my books on there! Your desk doesn’t have to be perfect, just as long as you can concentrate properly and work well. And remember, no ones desk actually looks like a tumblr pic! Lol. And these fairy lights are NEVER there. They are above my desk. This is just an example and how it looks when it is clean…
And zat was all of mi stationary. I hope this inspires you and that you now know some good places to go. 

ThankYOU so much for reading and coming across my blog. Feel free to check out some other posts and maybe even check out my website. I would love that. 

I would also love a cheeky follow if you don’t mind. My goal is to get to 100 followers my March…can I do it! I just wanna see! 

Have a nice day, byeeeeeeeeeeeeE

Ellie xo


4 thoughts on “New School Stationary

  1. Dhiyanah Liyaudeen says:

    YAY! I LOVE YOUR STATIONERY! I’m a big fan of stationery and can’t seem to get enough of it! Lovely pencil pouches! And oh! Your notebooks are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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