15 Sleep Hacks! 😴 How to Fall Asleep Fast! 

Hey guys, 

How is everyone going? Today, I wanted to post a hack post for you all so I thought this one might help a few of you get to sleep quicker. 

1. Sounds

If the reason why you can’t sleep is because there is an annoying sound like that crazy barking dog or that speeding car, just pop in your earphones and play some relaxing music. I personally like to listen to rain drops when I go to sleep because…why not? Doesn’t everyone love the sound of rain? Comment down below! 😉

2. Lavender scent 

Another way to help you get to sleep is to use lavender in your bedroom. Lavender is a very relaxing scent that will easily tell your brain to drift off. You can put some lavender essential oil on your bedsheets or pillow case, get a lavender scented  candle or wax melt or even get some fresh lavender that you can then put into a little pouch.

3. Read 

You can also pick up your favourite book and just read, read, READ! Your eyes will eventually get so tired out that you will just have to close them. Reading is also a nice screen free way to get to sleep quickly and, books are just the best! If you don’t know what to read at the moment, I recommend Fangirl or if you are looking for an action book, I recommend the ‘Gone’ series! 

4. Have a BATH!

I mean who honestly doesn’t looooove a bath!? Baths are so relaxing and they make you smell sooooo nice! I love LUSH as you can see because it is one of my main things I write about. I love the bubble bars because bubbles are just the best! I like sweet scents the most so Snow Fairy is definitely my favourite scent. Use some relaxing bath salts and to excite your bath a bit more add a bath bomb! If you are bored in the bath, play some music, read or watch a video.

5. Temperature

Sometimes you are just too hot or too cold to sleep and now matter how much you rip of that sheet, you are still uncomfortable. So having the perfect room temperature is great. Not too cold and not to hot! The perfect temperate for you to be able to have the best nights sleep is 20C or 68F! It may seem cold but it’s easier to warm up than cool down right? And then you can get all snugly and comfy in your warm bed.

6. Get a Routine Going

Sometimes if you are so busy and are just so productive that you forget the time and its already 1am! A great way to wind down is to set a routine. You could wash your face, then have some tea or a warm drink, read, watch your favourite tv show and then sleep! What I do is homework, wash my face, read and then sleep…but I do want to have a tea before I sleep because I am normally hungry! 

7. Make Your Room Relaxing

Having the best sleeping in invoronment is such a good feeling. You could paint your room a nice calm colour like blue pastel colours and aqua. You can also add some nice watercolour paintings or put up some fairy lights. I have a blue and purple room with LOADS of fairy lights! 

8. Have a Snack

If your stomach is grumbling and you just want some food, grab a snack. But, you do have to be smart about it. Don’t choose that leftover pizza or Chinese food, eat a banana, almonds, cereal or yogurt. Tea is also a great thing to have! I recommend the T2 Nighty Night Herbal tea! 

9. Warm Milk and Honey
This is the best drink to make you all sleepy and tired! Warm up some milk in the microwave and then put a bit of honey into the milk! Yummy! This may sound gross if you haven’t heard of it before but honestly, you need to try it! Honey is so good for you and it doesn’t have any processed sugar in it (hopefully), just natural! 

10. Breathe

One of my favourite fast ways to get to sleep is to breathe. Just breathe in and out slowly and count them. If this seems too boring for you check out the next hack…

11. Smiling Mind

Smiling mind is a meditation app that puts you to sleep in an instant. They do breathing activities, things to make you sleepy and to help shut off all those crazzzy thoughts! You can download it for free on the App Store. (By the way this isn’t sponsored!)

12. Yoga…ish!

I saw this hack and thought whaaaaaa? But it actually works. It makes you super tired and floppy which is perfect! All you do is put your legs vertically up a wall. Lay on your back and put them against the wall. Just give it a go!

13. Exercise

This one makes complete sense to me! If you go for a evening run or go to the gym at night, you will be so tired and you will sleep like a log! 

14. Play a Game

I thought this made no sense because wouldn’t it wake up your brain and make it think more? Well…not so much I guess.! Scientists showed that people who played a paper game like cross word, sudoku or word search slept 60% more than they usually did! Woah…!

15. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is soooooooooooooooo good! My Dad is a sports hypnotherapist and he has put me to sleep before (not the magician way) and I couldn’t remember how he did it! Freaky! You can see a hypnotherapist (like my Dad) or download an app that does it for you. But I recommend getting someone to do it. 

So those were 15 very interesting sleep hacks for you. If you came across this post because you couldn’t get to sleep and found this, you now know 15 ways to get to sleep! Your welcome! Enjoy your best nights sleep ever!

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If you are new here! Hey! Welcome buddy! 

Have a great day, byeeeeeeeeeee

Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooo


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