25 Interesting Things About ME 

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the messed up blogging days. I hardly blog! Sorry! I am trying to sort things out don’t you worry! LOL.

Today I just went to go and check on my stats for my blog when I scrolled down and looked at my followers and guess how many I had?? 70!! Wowsers! ThankYOU!! Do you think I can get to 1oo?? It would mean so much to me! It’s not so I can be famous and the best blogger in the world, it’s just a goal that I have set for myself. Anyway…

I wanted to tell you a bit more about me. I feel like you guys have no idea who I am! Partly because this blog is anonymous and partly because I forget to blog! Hehe (I shouldn’t be laughing, this is serious). I mean…hummmm. Here are 25 Facts About MEEEEEEE. 


Who possibly couldn’t live without these cuties? I know I did until about last year! Ha (such a hypocrite!) I love how they just give off a nice calm relaxing light that makes you want to snuggle up in your toastie warm blanket and read for hours. Ahhh. If you don’t have some I suggest you get some. Start off small and then expand as you start to love them more! 

2. I Live in Australia

Yes, I am an Aussie blogger! There aren’t many Aussie bloggers I know so far…hmm. There seems to be more British and American bloggers. I shall spread the word! If you are an Aussie blogger please let me know so we can be Aussie blogger BUDDIES! 


Ewwww! Gross! I just don’t like toasties. Not. One. Bit. They are just so plain! And they are especially gross with tomato, it goes all soggy and mushy! 

4. I Play the Piano
I have been playing the piano for about 7 years and I love it! It’s so fun but I am slowly drifting away from it as I have soooo much homework and I use my spare time for the things I love most…BLOGGING! I would love to learn how to play songs that I like and that are on the radio. I think I’d enjoy it more. 

5. I Have a Puppy

My poochy puppy is now a big 1 year old. Her name is Daisy and she is a Shoode (shitzu x poodle). I wish we’d called her BEAR though because she looks like an albino bear! LOL This is her. 

6. I Can’t Do Hair

I don’t know why but I just can’t do my hair. I can put it up in a pony tail and do a plait but that’s it! I have super thick hair so it is extra hard for me to work with it! I wish i could braid it! It would be so much easier and I could have more of a variety of styles. I can’t do buns either because my hair is just too thick and just falls out. I need about 3 tight hair ties and 100 bobby pins! 

7. I Have Coeliac Disease

Most of you are probably all going “Huh? What is she talking about?”. Let me give you a quick explanation. Coeliac disease is where my body can’t handle gluten. When I eat it, my body attacks itself and damages my bowel meaning I can’t get any nutrience and can’t grow. Poop. Lucky there is a simple solution, I just have to go on a strict gluten free diet…FOREVER! Nooooo. Oh well. I kinda like it better anyway. If you have coeliac disease like me, let me know in the comments below! We can be COELIAC BUDDIES!

8. I Play Volleyaball

I love volleyball soooo much! It is my favourite thing to do. I have been playing for a year now and I am loving it! I play club volleyball with my friends and we have a great time. On Saturday, we had a volleyball carnival and we finished 2nd in our pool! Yay! If any of you reading this play volleyball, just let me know and we can chat! 

9. My Favourite Food is…

DARK CHOCOLATE! Oh yeah baby! It’s soooo good I could eat it all day (don’t do that, you’ll get diabetes!) I love the 80% cocoa ones which is pretty dark but I love it. 

10. I Want to Write a Book

I would love to write a book. It would be so fun and I really enjoy writing which is why I started blogging! I could maybe do a short story for a blog post? Would u like that?! I don’t know! I just love to write write WRITE! 

11. My Favourite Number is…

Take a guess, it’s pretty obvious…………11! I was born on the 11th and I just love how it’s a double number. I dont really know why, I just love that number. My lucky number however, is 7. I don’t know why it is either. It just has a lucky meaning! 

12. My Parents Jobs

My parents have quite interesting jobs I think. My Mum has just finished studying to be an interior designer and she has already set up her own business! My dad has Avery interesting job. He is a sports hypnotherapist and he helps a big football team! It’s really cool because he gets to meet famous people and work with them! 

13. Slight Addiction to Lip Balm

I kinda have and addiction to lip balm. I just see some in the shops and go “hey! It’s a new flavour ” and then I end up buying it! I also love smelling things so when I smell a lip balm, I am like ‘I want this on my face!’ Lol that sounds weird! 

14. I Want to Grow and Ombré My Hair

I love the look of ombre and I am currently saving up for it…I am still officially deciding whether I want it or not because it damages your hair and I kinda already like the way my hair is…hmm. You can get a blonde dye that doesn’t damage your hair but it’s super expensive! I’m talking like $200 or something! YIKES! I was once going to do it but then I bailed it and changed my mind. 

15. I am a Gemini

My star sign is a Gemini! I’m not really sure if I actually believe in it but whatever! It’s fun to believe!

16. I am Obsessed With Stationary and Being Organised

I am always trying to become more organised. I like to buy planners and plan out my day so I know exactly what to do. I forget things…ALOT! 

17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harry Potter and Star Wars!!!
Who here is a Harry Potter and Star Wars fan?! I am!! Definitely!! I love Harry Potter and especially love the new Starwars! Check the out! 

18. I LOve to REad! 

I am a massive book worm but I read quite slow. So at the moment, I have this massive pile of books in my drawer and I have only finished 2 so far! 

19. I adore Summer

I love the warm weather because I feel the cold like a shorn sheep in Alaska! It’s because I have nothing on me to keep me warm! 

20. I Want to Live In…

When I am old enough to buy a house, I would like to live in a place near the beach and that has lots of palm trees. I like them! 🌴

21. I am 158cm Tall (5’1)

At the moment I am 158cm tall but I still have years to go! I will definitely be taller thepan my mum, but shorter than my dad! 

22. I am obsessed with LUSH and bath products

I just love having a nice warm bath with tonnes of bubbles and then coming out smelling sooooo yummy! I am obsessed with lush products and always save up for them! 

23. I Have 2 Younger Brothers

My family is made up of 5 people, Dad, Mum, Myself and my 2 brothers. Yeah, I have 2 brothers…sometimes they are annoying and sometimes it great.

24. I Want to go to England, Brighton

When I am older, I would love to go to Brighton in England. It looks so cool and I want to see how different it is compared to the one in Australia! 

25. I Enjoy Art, Design and Photography

I am a quite artistic person. I love making, creating, drawing and taking photos! At the moment I am doing a really big design product that I am making for my room…

26. My Hair is Curly

Yes, I have very curly and THICK hair. If you have curly hair too, you know the struggle of keeping it nice! LolYou’re probably thinking ‘wait. That was 26 Facts?! Whaaaa’ Yep. I just thought of one! But it would look a bit wierd to put ‘26 Interesting Facts About Me’ Hey! 
And zat iz all I have for zu. Zat is a little bit about ze. I hope zu all have a better izea of zu I am! 

ThankYOU  so much for reading my blog post! I hope you enjoyed it and learn a bit more about me. If you are new, what a perfect way to introduce myself! I hope you like it here! 

If you wouldn’t mind…I would LOVE a cheeky little follow! Thanks! My goal is to get 100 followers by March! I would appreciate it so much! There’s no harm, right?!

Have a lovley day, 


Ellie xo


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