Hello everyone! 

How was your Easter holidays? 🐰 I hope Mr Easter Bunny gave you lots of chocolattés and that you had an awesome Easter holidays. I know I did! I just love love LOVE Easter so much because…

  1. There is like 4 public holidays! (BOOM!) 
  2. You get to spend time with family and friends
  3. There are Easter egg hunts and who doesn’t love that?! 

I want to thank all my recent followers who are nice enough to click that button (just kidding you are all nice…yes…even you evil non follow button presser…JOKES!) But I just wanna say that I am almost at 80!!! I really would love to get there and I promise you won’t regret it. 😉 (press it….) 😏🤣


Today, I am going to share with you what I did for the Easter holidays. Enjoy! 

Good Friday

First of all, I mean…why was it called Good Friday? Isn’t that when Jesus died? Hmmm…confusing…

So for good Friday, my family and I went to catch up with our family friends who we catch up with often for a MEXICAN FISH BURRITO EASTER! 🐰🙌🏼🌯🐟 It started off with us arriving late (as usual) and we realised that there was no one inside…or outside…or in the rooms. Then we later discovered that they had been secretly filming us and had hidden from us! 😂 hehe. We found them don’t worry! 

We had our Mexican fish burritos but because I am gluten free (coeliac disease) I need special food. Lucky me because Mum forgot to pack the burrito wraps. So I had fish and salad. 🥗 yummy!!!! 

We soon had an Easter egg hunt in the nearby park (as in, just next to their house) and found a lot of chocolattè! 

Dinner was chips and chips with dessert of ice cream, chocolattè and ice magic! Who doesn’t love that creation?! 

Easter Saturday 

For Easter this year, our family decided to do something new and very different…actually, COMPLETELY different. We went camping. It wasn’t the typical out in the wild camp, it was more glamping than anything! My Dad isnt really of a camper but he decided to push his comfort zones and gave it a go. He said it wans’t too bad and that we would do it again! Yay!! This is what we ended up doing. 

We drove 1h and 10mins to a caravan park in Wirrina where we camped with 5 other families. It was such a fun experience and it was my first time camping! The weather was perfect which made it a whole lot better and we had an awesome tent! We had pretty much everything…a sink, kettle, stove, beds, tables, chairs and even a microwave from our friends camper trailer. 

We arrived and settles in and rode bikes, ran around and ate lots of food! Happy hour came and we had meat, cheese, crackers, fruit bites (they were the best) and dip. We started the Bon fire ready for the cold night ahead. As soon as the un disappeared over the hills, it was freezing. From shorts and a shirt to jeans, beanie, jumper, scarf and gloves…well for me anyway…

We had barbecue for dinner and then toasted marshmallows. Mmmmm…they are the best when they are crunchy and toffee like on the outside and completely gooey on the inside. My mouth is watering as I type! We then did some star gazing by using an app called ‘SkyView’ . It is really cool and it shows you all the constellations in the sky including all the planets as well. We could see Jupiter (which is rare) the moon and mercury. I ended up sleeping at 11:30pm! 

Morning came and we had hot cross buns for breakfast and pancakes. We went to see the animals – horses and goats. They were so cute! I think I made a goat angry though because it kept running at the fence and scuffing it back foot. I honestly dont know what I did! Hehe! The horses were awesome and they loved eating the hay that we fed them. At 10:30am, there was an Easter egg hunt. It was fun and we got lots of chocolate!

 This is all my chocolatte…yes…that is HAIGHS! 

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, we went to my Aunites new house which is out in the countryside . They have a massive block of land and a great fire pit. We had an Easter Egg Hunt in their never ending garden. It was so cute with my 2 little cousins trying to find the obvious eggs! 😂 We had casseroles for dinner which were sooooo yummy too! Then it was time for dessert! We went over to the massive fire pit and toasted giant marshmallows and then….wait for it…..


We cut the banana in half, added marshmallows and fruchocs! Then we put them near the fire and let them cook! I’m telling you of someone who doesn’t really like bananas that they. Were. The. BEST!

Easter Monday
Waaaaaa! Noooooo! Easter has come to an end! Poop 💩. We have just had a relax day…sorta I guess. We first went out in the morning down to the oval so my brother could practice his soccer and we could walk daisy – my poochy puppy 🐶! I went on the BMX track and then practiced for my upcoming trial…

We got home and i did some stupid homework. Why would they give out homework in the Easter holidays??? And especially 3 big assignments due the first day back! Humf! 

Then I did the beep test and I got to level 7! Yay! I did some more homework and now I am writing this. I am also going to the beach tomorrow so expect a photography post soon!
That was my Easter holiday weekend. Sorry for the long post but I hope you enjoyed reading it! 

ThankYOU so much for reading my post, it means a lot to me and i hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to have a look at some of my other posts too. 😊 

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Okay, byeeeeeeeeee

Ellie 😘 xo


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