Country Beach Holiday – Day 1 

Hi guys! It’s meeeeee – Ellieeeeee! 

Sorry about my quietness lately, I pave just got back into school Term 2 and I have just been stampeded by homework and assignments so…yaaaa! I’ve been under the pump! 
Luckily, just by chance, my family and I have decided to go on a holiday! Yay! We have been planning this for a long time an we thought it was the right time! Yes! We decided to go to one of our favourite places which is a Beachy Countrytown called Victor Harbor! It’s amazing! This holiday however, we are taking our little dog Daisy with us! Cutie! It will be so much fun with her! 

So we left Thursday and stopped over at the shops to get some lunch and a few snacks for the trip. I had a potato pie 🥔 and a chocolate eclair that a scored for $1! (Which is super super cheap for a gluten free one!) We then drove for 1h there and soon we arrived at our rented house! It has pretty good views and it’s close to everything. We unpacked and admired our house and the views! It is 2 storey, has 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, 2 livings. Oh yeah, we don’t have a kitchen!………………..Jokes! Of course we do! 

Soon after we arrived, we went down to the nearby skatepark and scootered around for a while and played with my poochy puppy Daisy! We also went on the playground and I played a bit of volleyball 🏐 Soon we went home as it was getting cold and dark. 

I was so tired so I basically just sat down and relaxed for the rest of the time. There was a really good sunset too so I took lots of photos (of course) and watched it change colours. 

While we watched the sunset, we spotted a massive old house that is apparently HAUNTED! We did some research and found out that the Baron and Baroness of Bellatoben! They are an Irish couple! 

For dinner, I had a Thai microwave meal! 🥘 While the rest of my family has pizza. 🍕 Ahhh….the joys of being Gluten Free! Dessert was banana split 🍌! Yummy! 

So that was basically day 1 of our holiday! 

THANKYOU for coming across my blog and I hope you like and enjoyed this sort of post. Comment down below if you would like to see what we will do for the rest! 

It would be greatly appreciated if you could follow or just have a look at my blog website and I’ll be sure to follow you too! Thankyooooo! 
Ok, byeeeeeeeee!

Ellie xo

P.S. if I don’t seem to be on the media so much it’s because I am on holiday! 😘 


2 thoughts on “Country Beach Holiday – Day 1 

  1. Seriously Gabbie says:

    Enjoy the VACA!!! I know the feeling of school taking all your time!! After getting my bachelors, I wasn’t smart enough I guess, because I went back for my masters! Crazy I know. Enjoy your time. It looks beautiful there.

    Liked by 1 person

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