Country Beach Holiday – Day 2 

Heyyyy! It’s meeeeee – Ellieeeeeee! 

Welcome back to another holiday blog post! This is day 2 of my holiday in Victor and if you would like to, check out my previous post about day 1 here! Thanks! Anyway….here we go! ENJOY! 

So to start off with, we headed out to the main town early and ready for a big climb. We saw the horses and I believe his name was Tom! Hehe! I patted him and he was so cute! 

We then went down onto the beach and I swear I took over 100 photos! It was such a perfect day and the lighting what perfect so it was impossible to ignore it! These are a few of my favourite pictures I took of the bridge and the sea! 🌊🐠✨

So after a while, we walked across the amazing bridge/horse carriage rail and headed to Granite Island. We hadn’t done this walk for a long time and the views where just amazing!  We climbed some rocks (that is my favourite thing to do!🗿) and climbed trees and all sorts!

Ahahahaha! This is such a funny picture! We found a rock that looks like a bum and so my brother stuck his head in it! LOLOLOL

 Then we started the real steep walk! It is a few km long and it’s so steep! We were over 100m high! It was so amazing and the ocean views were great! 

Then once we had finally made all the way around, we caught the horse carriage back across the bridge! It was so fun and pretty. 

This was a funny seagull we saw just sitting on a lamp post! CUTE! 

We went to my favourite takeaway shop called JF&C which is a fish and chips shop that is coeliac friendly (gluten free). (By the way I am gluten free and have coeliac disease!) I got some fish, chips and a pineapple fritter and because I am gf I don’t usually get this luxury so I was very happy! 

We went back to our house and just relaxed! It was great! I started a puzzle which was really fun and tricky! 

And zat was about it! It was a really good day and we were doing something even better tomorrow! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my travel/holiday post in Victor Harbour! 

THANKYOU for reading my post and feel free to  have  a look at some other things I post about! There is always a bit of everything, for everyone! I would also love a little cheeky follow an Di will be sure to return the favour! 

Thanks again! 


Ellie xo 😘


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