Autumn Look Book 2017 🍁🍂 

Hey! It’s meeeeee, Ellieeeeeeee! 

Today, I wanted to share with you all my favourite outfits for Autumn. So essentially this is my first lookbook and I am really excited to share it with you. I am aware that it is not Autumn at the mo – it’s winter (or for most of you summer) but they all go together anyway, you dont have to wear them just in autumn! 

So yea! Continue reading to have a look…book! (Sorry that was bad!)

Outfit No. 1 | Khaki Casual

Leather and Grey Jacket 

Khaki Cropped Top “ONLY HERE FOR THE PIZZA” 

Black Ripped Jeans 

White and Gold Heel Leather Shoes

Gold Springy Hair Tye 

Outfit No. 2 | Think Pink

Nude Pink cropped hoodie

Denim ripped jeans

White and Gold Heel Leather Shoes

Pink Knit Beanie 

Cute White Fluffy Dog (hehe)

Outfit No. 3 | Skirts and Tees

Burgundy short sleeve tee

Grey Skater Skirt

Black Stockings

Black High Heel Booties 

“These are a few of my favourite things” for Autumn 🍂🍁 I hope you enjoyed my first lookbook and I hope you discovered some new clothes and outfits. Comment down below which one is your favourite and if you would like to see a Winter Lookbook! 

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Have a nice day, byeeeeeeee

ellie xo


15 thoughts on “Autumn Look Book 2017 🍁🍂 

  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    It’s summer where I live at the minute but I’m so so excited for autumn! Great outfits and posts, would mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

    Liked by 1 person

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