WHAT? 100 Follows!? 

OMG! Like, what in the world?! 100 followers? For me and my tiny blog? This is crazy?! I actually never though I would get to 100 follows TBH! As soon as I got this notification: 

I was like, this has to be a mistake! But nope! It’s not! It’s actually real. To actually imagine just over 100 people is scary. I know that 100 doesn’t seem like much but it is so so much to me! 

I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who supports my blog – like, comment and subscribes and just even reading my posts. I am eternally grateful for everyone of you and I appreciate you all. It means a lot to me! Yeah…I don’t now what else to say.

I’m just so happy and I hope that you enjoy my blog. 😊 

Once again (I won’t say it anymore because you are most likely getting sick of me saying it but..)

THANKYOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH! You are all champs! (Not chimps 😂)

Ok, byeeeeeeeee

ellie xo


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