Things On My Winter Bucket List ❄️ ☁️ 

Heyyyyy! It’s meeeeeee – Ellieeeeeee!

Welcome back to a very cold and wintery post. Most of you are probably in shorts, tank tops and bathers while swimming in pools and having warm nights. While we Aussies are freezing our tushies off! I cant explain how cold it is rn over here, but lately it has been sunny, cold, sunny, rain! It’s been super wierd! Hope you are all having a nice summer or for any Aussies – I’m with ya! 😂 

Anyway…the whole point of this post is to tell you all my plans and aspirations for Winter! Yayyy. I can’t argue though, there are some pretty damn great things. Like…

  • Fires
  • Rugging Up
  • Being able to wear uggies in public (mostly)
  • Sleeping In
  • Hot Chocolates and CHAI LATTES!
  • Long hot baths! I loooove LUSH

So, here are some of my many things to do this WINTER!

  1. Go Ice Skating
  2. Spend a night or two in the city ✅
  3. Go shopping for winter clothes
  4. Go to a PORT POWER footy game ✅
  5. Finish my special project…
  6. Have a bonfire 
  7. Go on the steam train
  8. Have an inside fire
  9. Get to season 4 in PLL
  10. READ 5 books
  11. Make the ultimate hot chocolate
  12. Go to Oh Deer Sugar ✅
  13. Experiment with Watercolour Paints ✅

So…as you can probably tell, I have already completed or ticked off a couple of these things to do. Some of them just recently. I will be doing a post about my stay in the City so you guys can see what I bought and what I did! 

What is on your Winter/Summer Bucket List?

Ellie xo


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