Mini City Shopping Haul!

Heyyyyy! It’s meeeeee – Ellieeeeeee!

So today, I am going to share with you what I bought in my recent holidays. I hope you enjoy reading and find some cool stuff that you might wanna buy too!


I mean, who doesn’t absolutely love buying clothes? I know for a fact I do! I love having something new to wear and style. I went ahead and came across this bomber jacket that was on clearance! SCORE! It was pretty good and the last one! Hehe! 

I also bought some ripped denim skinny jeans because I grew out of my old ones! (And the knees had over-ripped if ya know what I’m sayin’!) 😂 

Bath and Body
I looooooooooove bath and body products from any shop at all! (Mostly LUSH) I recently found a new place called “Oh Deer Sugar” and they make non-edible bakery items (bath bombs etc.) and it is actually based in Australia! Like, when does that ever happen? So….i went in there and bought a couple of things with my little bro. He loves this stuff as much as I do so he was going crazzzzy and spent like a whole 20mins deciding what exactly he wanted! Cutie. 

I bought a piña colda donut bomb and little bro brought a massive waffle called “MANGO TANGO” 💃🏻 

So ya, went there and then also went to LUSH and bought some luxury bath oils! Melting marshmallow moment and sandalwood! Thanks doodie! xx

Bits and Bobs

I also just bought some little extra things that I needed like new earphones because my other ones just decided to have a break…FOREVER! Ha, get it BREAK, that pun wasn’t even intended…sorry! 😐 😂 

They are marble patterned and then they have rose gold ear thingymabobs! My fave! 
So yaaaaa, that’s pretty much all I bought and I hope you enjoyed dis sorta post! Also let me know what you’d like me to write about in ze comments just belowwwww. 

Thanks for reading! Love ya,


Ellie xo


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