All ‘Bout Dream Journals 🌙 

Heyyyyyy! It’s meeeeee – Ellieeeeee!

How are all you lovely people doin’? I hope you have all had an awesome week just as I did. Ok, soooooo you probs clicked on this post to read about Dream Journals am I right? But first, I have some exciting newzzzzzzzz……….


Oh, thankyou! Oh, stop it! (Hehe jordy) sorry for excluding you guys back there in those brackets – inside joke! 😂 

So YAAAA! I’m going to Queensland for 11 nights and it’s gonna be soooooooooooooooooo WARM! ☀️ Swimming, Theme Parks, Relaxing, Reading…hang on…I’m missing something….BLOGGING! Ahhh! I dunno what to do?! I might be able to blog a little but I honestly have no idea! What do you guys all think I should do?? 

Sorry for that massive paragraph of talking about everything BUT Dream Journals! Hehe! Let’s DIVE IN! 💦 

I Have a Dream Journal

So a Dream journal is basically like a diary except for all your dreams. Whenever you have one of those funky (and really messed up) dreams, you can just write it down! It’s just for fun and it’s good to go back and read about what you dreamt! I often think “what in the world was I thinking?! This is stupid!” Whenever I read an old dream!

Want to Start?

If you wanna start one of these cool journals all you need is:

  • A journal (mine is from kikki k) 📓 
  • Sleep 💤 
  • A brain 💭 
  • A dream ⭐️ 


My Embarrassing Dreams

Ok, ok. You probably all wanna know just exactly what I am dreaming about eh? Yep. Knew it. (Damn it! Now I have to embarrass myself) Ok, here we go! Nosy people 👃🏼 hehe jk

So it started off in my yr 7 class room and everyone was there. That morning (in my dream) I put on this crazy gold eyeshadow all over my eyes and face for some weird reason. We went on our iPads to do work and then, suddenly, my ipad got a virus that started deleting everything on my ipad. So i called Apple (wow that’s the only reasonable thing I actually did) and they arranged for me to meet them…

So I drove – hang on, I am only 14 geez! – to meet the “Apple Guy” at his house. He invited me inside his cardboard box (yep.) and tried to have a look at my ipad. I soon finally realised i was in trouble and tried to call Dad –

And then I woke up. 

Yeah. That was weird am I right?! And it all came from MY NOGGIN’!

Funky Dream Facts

1. Did you know, that every single person in your dream, you have actually seen before? Wether it be walking around the shops and you just happen to glance at someone or just your friends and family! Creepy 👀 
2. Also, there is a really cool dream called a ‘Lucid Dream’ and in it, you can actually do what you want to do. So you are in the real world, but in a dream.  You can control your dream and what happens! It’s pretty cool. If you didn’t understand, GOOGLE IT! 😂 

3. Sometimes, some people can actually dream about the future. I 100% believe this because it has actually happened to me! It’s pretty FREAKY! 😳 

That’s all Folks!

I hope you enjoyed this….off topic, weird and long post! I am thinking of sharing one of my dreams with you at the end of every month. Ha. Ha. Haaaaaa.

Comment down below how you should think I should blog my holiday and I’ll see you later! 


Ellie 🌺 xx

P.S. Wow, you actually made it through the whole post. I am very proud! 

P.P.S If you wish, feel free to have a wonder around my blog and follow! 


29 thoughts on “All ‘Bout Dream Journals 🌙 ”

  1. Omg have fun in Queensland I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!! ❤ As for the Dream Journal that sounds like such a cool idea – I might give it a try since I always forget what I dream about 5 minutes after I wake up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AW, thankyou so so much for those lovey words. 💕 I am so excited for Queensland and I have some interesting posts coming up too (based on my holiday of course!) 🌴 Give the dream journal a go! It’s really fun to do!
      Ellie xx

      Liked by 1 person

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