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Oh Deer Sugar – The Non-Edible Bakery

Oh Deer Sugar is the Non Edible Bakery that has bath bombs to sugar scrubs that smell and look like sweet food! Have a look inside the shop!

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Seasonal Garden Cafe

Hey! It's meeeeeee, Ellieeeeeee!  Welcome back again to my blog! I have been wanting to post this for a while now because it was a really good place to eat and it was perfect for an autumn day out! So I wanted to share this knowledge with you and basically just tell you how amazing… Continue reading Seasonal Garden Cafe

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Country Beach Holiday – Day 2 

Heyyyy! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeeee!  Welcome back to another holiday blog post! This is day 2 of my holiday in Victor and if you would like to, check out my previous post about day 1 here! Thanks! we go! ENJOY!  So to start off with, we headed out to the main town early and… Continue reading Country Beach Holiday – Day 2 

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Country Beach Holiday – Day 1 

Hi guys! It's meeeeee - Ellieeeeee!  Sorry about my quietness lately, I pave just got back into school Term 2 and I have just been stampeded by homework and assignments so...yaaaa! I've been under the pump!  Luckily, just by chance, my family and I have decided to go on a holiday! Yay! We have been… Continue reading Country Beach Holiday – Day 1 

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Beach Sunset Dreams Photography 🌅🏖

Hey guys!!! It's meeee - ELLIE! Welcome back to my bloggie where there is a little bit of everything, for everyone. Hehe! Today, I wanted to share with you all some photos I took at the beach recently. I did say that I would post Tuesday but I have decided to change my days. I… Continue reading Beach Sunset Dreams Photography 🌅🏖

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A Day at Glenelg

Hey guys!  I just got back from my holiday in Clare Valley yesterday. We had 6 nights of fun filled with face painting, swimming, bouncy pillows and travelling around. Even though I miss Clare so much, I am glad to be back blogging and just being homeee. 🙂 Ahhhh relaxing.  Anyway, today I am going… Continue reading A Day at Glenelg

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HAPY NEW YEAR!! Resolutions and what I did.

Hey everyone! Long time no blog! Happy (belated) New Year!! It feels as if everything is happening so quickly. First it's Christmas (yayayayayaya) and them like 2 days later, it's New Years Eve...and THEN it's 2017!!!! Whaaaaaa???? Slow down mate!  I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and to thank every… Continue reading HAPY NEW YEAR!! Resolutions and what I did.


Victor Harbor Day Out

Hello everybody! Welcome back! A couple of weeks ago...well maybe months,  I went out to one of my favourite places in Australia...VICTOR HARBOR! It was such a beautiful day, starting out with a little cloud and then clear blue skies around midday. This is victor Harbor for those of you who are not familiar with Adeliade! … Continue reading Victor Harbor Day Out


Hamilton Island – Day 2

Hi guys!  You do not know how excited I am to blog today! Ahhh...I've missed it so much over the weekend. I've been really busy with a big assignment which I will DEFINITELY be sharing all about with you because I think you will love it just as much as I do.  So today I… Continue reading Hamilton Island – Day 2