CUT! That’s a Wrap! – September 

Heyyyyyyyy! It's meeeeeee - Ellieeeeeee! OMG! SEPTEMBER?! Where did you go? I can't believe that September is officially OVER! *cries a river* 😭 Time goes too fast am I right? But then again, it's: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS,*exaggerated mexican dance* 💃🏻  OCTOBER 🌺 (Queensland Holiday, Halloween, my fave month!) A FRESH START 🍃 *cue lush winds* 💨… Continue reading CUT! That’s a Wrap! – September 


WHAT? 100 Follows!? 

OMG! Like, what in the world?! 100 followers? For me and my tiny blog? This is crazy?! I actually never though I would get to 100 follows TBH! As soon as I got this notification:  I was like, this has to be a mistake! But nope! It's not! It's actually real. To actually imagine just… Continue reading WHAT? 100 Follows!?