Exciting News and a Lil’ Tag

Heyyyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeeee! Welcome back my cute lil' elves! πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€ΆπŸ» Long time no blog! Sorry, I've been planning to post but ya know...HOMEWORK. Is it just me or does it feel like teachers only think we do nothing in our lives except go home after school and work?! Hello? We do have social… Continue reading Exciting News and a Lil’ Tag

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How to Style a Skater Skirt – Spring

Heyyyyyy! It's meeeee - Ellieeeeee!  Welcome back to another lil' post! Today I have a fashion/style sorta post for you all! Yayayayay! This post is also a collaboration with Ella πŸ’–πŸ’• She is a 12 year old blogger and her blog is really cute and fun! She did a post on how to style a turtle neck… Continue reading How to Style a Skater Skirt – Spring


CUT! That’s a Wrap! – SeptemberΒ 

Heyyyyyyyy! It's meeeeeee - Ellieeeeeee! OMG! SEPTEMBER?! Where did you go? I can't believe that September is officially OVER! *cries a river* 😭 Time goes too fast am I right? But then again, it's: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS,*exaggerated mexican dance* πŸ’ƒπŸ»  OCTOBER 🌺 (Queensland Holiday, Halloween, my fave month!) A FRESH START πŸƒ *cue lush winds* πŸ’¨… Continue reading CUT! That’s a Wrap! – SeptemberΒ 


Hamilton Island – Day 1Β 

Hello everyone! It's good to be back! If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, just let me tell you a little bit about my holiday... So I've recently been to Hamilton Island for 9 days with my family and I really wanted to share my holiday with you guys so I… Continue reading Hamilton Island – Day 1Β 


ο»ΏNational Park PhotographyΒ 

Hello everyone! Today it is SUNDAY! β˜€οΈ And it was actually sunny today! Yay! Spring is coming...I hate winter (apart from the marshmallow bonfires!) πŸ”₯ It's kinda almost October, how did I miss all of those days?? I'm excited for Halloween and our family holiday to Hamiltion Island, QLD! 🌴 About my holiday, I am… Continue reading ο»ΏNational Park PhotographyΒ